Hillsboro, OR: Build a Better Business

We like construction – we like how it means Hillsboro is growing, and we like how it means the businesses around us are thriving. What we like most of all: growth enables us to provide the best products possible to contractors in industries like construction and farming.

The storefront of the MFCP store in Hillsboro, Washington

Whatever you’re building, whatever your goals, our MFCP team in Hillsboro helps you get there. Find out how by reaching out to our team today!

We know what you need, because we live here, too.

We know that during the fall, our local farms need extra help with backhoes, tractors, mini excavators, or dump trucks.

We know that in the spring when the rain has cleared up, hydraulic hoses and quick connectors, and other Parker products are in-demand for construction projects.

We also know that when you need something, you need it fast. In the five years since we opened the doors to our Hillsboro Parker Store, we’ve helped countless contractors and business owners with everything from single-hose needs to stainless steel pipe fittings to semi-conductor contractors.

Local availability with service you can trust.

Our products – like suction and discharge hose, pure air tubing, push-lock hose, valves, regulators – are close. At MFCP, we get you what you need fast, so you can get back out on the job. That’s why we offer services at our Parker Store like hose assemblies while you wait.

Two MFCP employees help a customer at the counter in Hillsboro

More than just offering products like Parker Hannifin, we offer our expert service. That means if you’re on the job and something unexpectedly malfunctions, we’ll be there. If you find yourself in a bind, that means we’re in a bind – so we’ll go above and beyond to fix whatever you need.

Semiconductors, instrumentation fittings, classic hose: we have it all.

And we do whatever we can to make sure you get exactly what you need. Semiconductor products are a specialty of ours – we pride ourselves on being a complete provider of valves, instrumentation, filtration, heating, engineered materials, and automation products.

Meeting FDA and cleanliness standards? Not a problem for MFCP.

Field support? We love to be there when you need help.

Give our team a call, or even request a quote to see how we can help transform your business.

Overhead shot of a binful of fittings at the Hillsboro Parker Store

Pro tip: from our Hillsboro team to you.

At our Hillsboro Parker Store, we get a lot of questions about fittings. Often, customers can only describe one half of the fitting. Our team recommends these tips when it comes to identifying the other end of your fitting:

Identify the thread (is it male or female)

What does the seat inside the female fitting look like (females have a flair etc.)

Which direction does the flair go (if it’s cone-shaped, then it’s going into the middle of the fitting, vs. if it protrudes out of the center)

The good news: our team is just a phone call away. And we have more tips and tricks for you on our blog, like what not to do when your hydraulic fitting leaks and 7 things to know when choosing a hydraulic hose.