We Remanufacture Fluid Power Components – and Our Standards Are High

Here at MFCP, we can do more than just return an item to original specifications. We have the ability to redesign and remanufacture the product to increase your machine performance or uptime. MFCP technicians are experienced with many different brands of products, allowing them to work on items we’re not a distributor for as well… Get the process started today by emailing the team at reman@mfcpinc.com.

Warranties, quotes, testing, and more

All MFCP remanufacturing requests include:

  • Replacement cost to compare with rebuilding (when applicable)
  • 100% testing of the finished product
  • Summary Report of our findings
  • Test documentation
  • Quotes returned in less than 48 hours
  • MFCP Remanufactured Component Warranty

We take our work seriously and want you to be confident in the results. MFCP offers you a 12 month warranty period for workmanship, whereas the industry standard is only 3 months.

We build, you benefit. It’s as easy as that.

Give our team a call today to get your products remanufactured. Our decades of experience can’t be bought and is part of what makes our service unparalleled. When it comes to your needs, MFCP has them covered.

Excellent engineering you can trust

Business owners have many concerns – quality, safety, downtime – and we value them like we’re your business partner. Our team dedicates engineering resources focusing on how to make your system more productive, and remanufacturing is a part of that.

When you choose MFCP, you’re choosing the experts. Services MFCP offers:

Cylinder Remanufacturing: Unlike some companies who simply replace seals, MFCP trained mechanics disassembles the cylinder, clean, inspect, and document the condition of your components. The mechanic also inspects the critical dimensional clearances, seals &  bearing areas, and upgrade them where possible.

Pump/Motor Repair & Remanufacturing: The pump is the heart of your hydraulic system. Every hydraulic pump/motor you send in for evaluation goes through our rigorous inspection process. MFCP performs a detailed cleaning and inspection before rebuilding your unit with precision machined, OEM parts. Upon completion of the rebuild, your unit is dynamically tested to ensure its level of OEM efficiency has been met or exceeded. All remanufactured hydraulic pumps & motors pass quality checks before leaving our facility

Valves, Accumulators, and High Pressure: We cover Sectional, In-line, Cartridge valves, and NFPA Valves. MFCP also rebuilds Piston and Bladder accumulators, as well as high-pressure pumps/power units, cylinders, valves, and tools.

Whatever you need, we can help. Contact us today: reman@mfcpinc.com.

Field service

Nothing is more important to us than delivering the highest quality products and services. Sometimes that means we come to you. MFCP offers on-site services that include:

  • Installation and start-up of hydraulic power units and systems
  • Plumbing installations, including Parker Transair
  • System troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Particulate and Water removal in hydraulic fluids
  • On-site laser particle counter/moisture content/contamination analysis

We’ll even come on-site for hydraulic training courses. Find our entire list of our field services here.

Our test standards are tough, giving you confidence in your remanufactured products

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and our testing is no different. We use multiple tests stands to verify RPM, flow, pressure, temperature, ISO/NAS cleanliness, and case drain flow.

We have both 250hp and 100hp test stands – with flows up to 150gpm and a pressure capability of 6000 psi!

With all our remanufactured components, we can provide a test report so you can keep accurate records.

Our team is an extension of your team. Call today to get started or visit one of our locations below.  Once you get in touch with us, know you’re one step closer to a Premier Service Solution.


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