Securing Those Hydraulic Connections: Shining a Spotlight on Custom Crimp

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Hydraulics allows a weight to be moved with relative ease, such as components in construction machinery or production devices. Most industries couldn’t survive today without hydraulic controllers, pistons and hoses in place.

These systems rely on hydraulic fluid at certain pressures, however. Maintaining a closed system is paramount to hydraulic success. At the forefront of hydraulic power is Custom Machining Services. This business supports a hydraulic crimping niche that grows with every mechanical innovation. Learn more about CMS so that you can make a solid decision during your next hydraulic-hose purchase.

Going Back to the 1980s

This crimping companyhas roots that extend back to the 1980s. They started working in a production facility out of Indiana. With so much rural and construction work going on in the area at the time, a hose crimper supply house just made sense.

Custom Machining Services started out with the machines and parts to make every hose a perfect product out of any warehouse or shop. The professionals shouldn’t be hindered by connections that are too loose. Clamping down the die and completing a hose assembly should be commonplace in any industry. CMS wanted to help out those hydraulic fans. They continue to do so into the 21st century.

Narrowing Down Your Crimping Needs

Buying a hose crimper is an investment in your productivity. There are a few features that must be weighed before buying these machines, however. Hoses with four or six wires will require different crimping tools. A crimper might be a standalone unit or a portable design.

Consider the volume of hose crimpingthat’s necessary at your facility. Each individual or company will have varying needs. High-volume crimping requires a heavy-duty machine compared to an occasional fabrication. At MFCP, we can help you narrow down your options so that the proper CMS product ends up at your front door.

Looking at Automated Crimping

Creating a hose assembly at your facility meant that manual fabrication was necessary in the past. Fit questionable dies together, and you hoped for a solid connection.

There’s no need to worry about worrisome fabrication anymore. CMS offers machines that are computer controlled from every angle. Plug in your dimensions, set the die and let the machine take care of the work. The latest technology goes into every machine, which benefits your fabrication demands in today’s top industries.

If you have any questions about setting up a computer-controlled crimper, both CMS and MFCP are here to help.

Aligning With Dies is Key

At Custom Crimp, there’s more detail to a crimp than just the final connection. This manufacturer pays careful attention to the process that involves dies. These parts create the hose’s shape as it’s being connected to its hydraulic fittings. When a die is improperly designed or forged, hose connections fail.

CMS goes further than any other die manufacturer with these dimensional details, such as:

  • Length
  • Crimp range
  • Size
  • Segment date codes

By matching the die to the hose, your crimping process will run without fail. Configure your hydraulic hose, move it through your crimping machine and head out to the field where it can perform its duty.

Testing out the Crimp

Custom Crimp may have stellar products to serve your needs, but testing your complete fabrication is always recommended. A quick check of the hose fittings with a test run on fluid is all that you need. The hose can then be sent into the field without any concerns. Reduce your downtime and improve customer relations with hydraulic hoses that constantly serve your personnel.

When wear becomes an issue, take that hose back in for a fitting update. Your fabrication power only grows with CMS’s machines.

Contact Motion & Flow Control Products today with your crimper questions. The art of creating a perfect crimp has been perfected with automated machinery today. Explore your options so that a quick crimp is possible on the fly. Your operation will move swiftly on a daily basis as a result.