MFCP Custom Hydraulic Filter Build Program

Quality filters built by experts, from Garden Hose Filters to Facet Filters to Industrial Filtration

The Benefits

You don’t need to take a chance when it comes to running your business effectively. We are constantly evolving to offer services that enable you to do just that — run your business effectively while reducing the most risk possible.

Two types of risk for every business owner? Time and cost. If equipment fails, breaks, needs attention, or a replacement, that costs both capital and time. Our MFCP Hydraulic Filter Build program can help reduce both. By getting you, your filtration needs quickly and accurately, so you’re up and running faster and with more confidence.

breakdown of hydraulic filters

With our help, you can protect and extend the life of your investment/hydraulic components. And because we cover a wide range of series, we can insert a hydraulic filter anywhere within a hydraulic system for increased contamination protection.

Give your closest MFCP location a call today, or fill out a quote to learn more!

The Specifics

TWO BUILD CENTERS: MFCP covers your needs for everyday products for every project, yes, but we also have two strategically placed Build Centers to cover our entire region.

Our Stapleton location in Denver and our Portland location in Oregon ensure we keep lead times low and build quality high, so you get service without the stress.


LEAD TIMES AS LITTLE AS ONE DAY: Traditional factory lead times can be as long as seven weeks. Relying on factory parts and assemblies just don’t cut it when you have a problem that needs immediate solving.

quality hydraulic filters

The MFCP Hydraulic Filter Build Program reduces lead times drastically, to less than five business days, and even as little as one day.

On-hand inventory gives our Build Teams flexibility, and enables us to deliver in an accurate and timely manner. We stock assembly components so we can guarantee quick turnarounds – and we’re the kind of company that sticks to our word.


PARKER PATENTED DESIGNS: Like all MFCP products, we only work with the best. The Parker PT and Moduflow Plus series, the CN series, and the World Pressure Filter products are perfect for a number of applications. When you pick MFCP and Parker, you’re picking a winner, every time

The Coverage

Our expertise has a huge range and covers low flow and low pressure, to high flow and high pressure. We cover a number of series, including:

  • Inline and tank-top low-pressure filters: PT Series and Moduflow Series
  • Inline medium pressure filters: CS Series and CN Series
  • Inline high-pressure filters: WPF Series

Did you know? Improperly filtered systems result in high component turn over and failure rates, constant hydraulic oil changeout, inconsistent system operation, and more.

With available element micron ratings from 2 to 10 microns across all of our series, our filters can help protect anything from low-cost gear pumps and manual mobile valves to high dollar servo and proportional valves.

Did you know we also support OEM operations that use the same filer assembly or elements? Call our team today to find out how we can cover your OEM needs.

The Next Step

One of the great parts of this Hydraulic Filter Build program is the experts are already on our staff. They help with new applications or design and can upgrade existing filtration systems to fit the specific needs of specific systems. We’re ready when you are. Give your closest MFCP location a call today!