Ideal Clamp Products Clamp Selector

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Motion & Flow Control Products offer more than just the main components to your hydraulic system. It’s the smaller parts that make a huge difference in your productivity. We’re proud to carry Ideal Clamp Products for your fastening needs. Uncover the details surrounding these distinct items. Pressure and fluid loss won’t be a concern anymore.

Examining the Mechanism

When you look at the Ideal Clamp selector guide, you’re met with many different locking mechanisms. Some of the top products use distinctly different components, such as:

  • T-bolts
  • Hex heads
  • Turn keys

At first glance, the choices may seem similar. Each clamping mechanism, however, offers its unique strength in various applications. If you run many different systems with hose-clamp needs, stocking a few of each type is preferable. You’ll always have Ideal Clamp Products ready to go if an issue arises.

Stainless Steel and Corrosion Concerns

There are many concerns about caring for expensive parts of an industrial system, such as the hydraulic accumulator. Those concerns should also extend to the specialty clamps holding the hoses in place.

Luckily, Ideal Clamp designed their products with stainless-steel bodies. This metal is strong and lightweight. It also benefits your system with corrosion resistance.

With a careful look at the clamp-selector graphic, you’ll see three colors with indicative descriptions, such as:

  • Green for moderate corrosion resistance
  • Red for very high corrosion resistance
  • Blue for premium corrosion resistance

Match the resistance level that you need for your application.

Torquing the Clamp

As you browse through our clamp products, your team might be concerned about certain specifications, such as center distances. These features are important, but you must also consider the maximum torque for the clamp.

Each product comes with a particular torque that must be met for optimal performance. Clamps that are too loose will contribute no force to the connection. Overtighten the bolt, and you have a problem that might surprise your team later on. Pick the torque values that work for your application every time.

Clamp Positioning Matters

AMS Performance makes a good point about lock and clamp positioning when it comes to forces. A stainless steel worm gear that’s flush against the clamp’s band will distribute forces more evenly across the entire assembly. On the other hand, floating locks put forth pressure points.

Think about clamp and lock positioning when you match a product to your application. MFCP can help you narrow down the perfect selection.

Flexing With the Environment

These clamps aren’t in perfected surroundings. Extreme heat and cold are the norm. Consider Ideal products with the Flex-Gear feature. A set of springs at the locking mechanism allows the clamp to flex just enough during temperature fluctuations. The same pressure remains around the hose so that leaks are minimized.

Several of our clamps come with this Flex-Gear feature. Ask us about specifications that might match your needs. We’ll find a solution for your system.

Picking the Right Size

Use the selector guide in order to pick the right size for your application. Hose applications are standard, so sizing shouldn’t be too much of an issue. It Still Runs suggests a large size when you need to avoid sliding the clamp and stainless steel worm gear across an item. The lock can release entirely from its band, which allows you to wrap it around an item.

You might need this feature if you have a particularly sensitive item to clamp down.

Discover even more products by contacting Motion & Flow Control Products today. Specialty clamps are just the beginning of your stocking order. We’ll provide high-quality parts so that downtime isn’t part of your vocabulary.