Introducing the SPX Stone team

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You have a lot of choices when it comes to hydraulics. The number of manufacturers are multiplying by the day. We’re proud to introduce the SPX Stone team to our valued vendor group. Get familiar with this hydraulic manufacturer because they’ll improve your setup with just one swap of your components.

Learning About SPX

SPX has been servicing the hydraulic industry since 1968. In fact, its founder created hydraulic power units that were smaller yet more powerful than others with the benefit of electric motors. Herb Stone’s vision eventually turned into a company that’s stood the test of time.

It’s a fact that there are thousands of SPX power units being used across the globe right now. They’re trusted by many professionals who demand a lot of their machinery.

The Bread and Butter of SPX: Power Units

Hydraulic power units are at the heart of SPX’s design glory. With one glance, you’ll notice that the entire unit is a compact cylinder with every part necessary for the job.

SPX and MFCP stock these units right now, such as:

  • Auto Hoist
  • Snowplow
  • Bale Spike

The manufacturer was able to design a sleek shape around the most precision parts for your convenience. These power units can fit into almost any space, which leaves room for other components.

Reservoir and Plumbing-Kit Needs

Don’t overlook the value of a high quality reservoir. SPX has every shape and size for your reservoir needs. Choose from metal or plastic materials too. You have choices for your system, depending on its application.

Remember to grab a plumbing kit in case of any malfunctions. Stocking up on those small parts will curb extensive downtime in the future.

Valve Blocks

You depend on valve blocks to control flow through your system. Stone Hydraulics designs exquisite blocks for nearly every application. Browse through the inventory to find the part that matches your needs. They carry several variations to cover your industry’s demanding specifications.

Those Critical Accessories

Your team can’t operate with just the basics in place. Stone Hydraulics also offers critical accessories that are tough and long lasting. System malfunctions are largely avoided with preventive maintenance and replacement components.

For example, update your pressure alarm so that no surprises are part of your day. Control handsets are always under a lot of strain, which means that frequent replacements are typical. Partner with SPX to outfit your entire system with the accessories that make a difference with your bottom line.

Pick-A-Pack Combos

If you’ve ever encountered incompatibility between components, you aren’t alone. This scenario is a key frustration among industry experts. SPX solves this problem with their pick-a-pack combinations.

Choose from any one of these parts, including:

  • Control valves
  • Pumps
  • Drive motors
  • Reservoirs

Put these parts together for instant compatibility and manifolding onto a chose endhead. Mismatched parts are a problem of the past.

SPX only offers high quality parts for these packages too. You are never compromising on strength or durability as you operate your machine all day long.

Partnership With MFCP

SPX is centralized in the great state of Illinois, which makes it a quick shipping time between their warehouse and MFCP’s facilities. We stock the basic components for your convenience. Ask us about custom or unusual items because one call from our team to SPX can solve your dilemma. Our partnership continues to grow as it benefits your company.

Our team welcomes your questions about SPX Stone or any of our other brands. Give your hydraulics a boost with SPX’s precision components. You’ll feel the productivity change for the better as a result.