Lisle Corporation: Spotlighting Creepers and More

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There are very few businesses that can claim success for more than a few decades. Introduce yourself to the Lisle Corporation that’s been around longer than many grandparents. Motion & Flow Control Products partners with Lisle in order to serve your professional automotive needs. Get to know this quality manufacturer that can certainly improve every service center’s productivity and customer retention.

A Century-Old Company

A single family has owned Lisle since 1903. Their dedication to specialty tools comes from a knack for industrialized business. Starting with water-well drilling machines, this business branched out into other areas to make it through both hard and prosperous times.

Currently, specialty automotive tools are their passion. Lisle pours its experience and raw knowledge into each product so that you benefit in the field. Their facility is centralized in Iowa, which means that any product can move quickly between their production line and MFCP’s stores. From handy hookers to right-angle funnels, servicing any vehicle is a snap with Lisle’s products.

The Creepers Name

Almost no repair shop can function without mechanic creepers floating around. Strong plastic with matching casters makes up these simple yet critical pieces for the shop. Lay down or sit upright as you get closer to the vehicle’s undercarriage. Today’s creepers offer many options for comfort and productivity.

Lisle produces several colors and styles to meet your needs. Many shops carry several creepers so that each mechanic is able to function throughout the workday. Low profiles, padding and customized options are always available at Lisle. Simply browse through the collection to make your next purchase.

Automotive Tools for the Professional Mechanic

Single out a specific area of the car’s engine, and Lisle has specialty tools for it. A long list of tools accompanies every section, such as:

  • Battery
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust

It’s a fact that there’s a tool for every remove and install need. Mechanics depend on these customized tools because they streamline alignment processes, produce successful repairs and please customers with rapid turnaround times.

The simplest additions to any repair shop, including mechanic creepers, can make the work easier for employees as they produce solutions for a demanding public. There’s no stopping the automotive world when it comes to repairs on both old and new cars.

Lubrication Needs

Automotive professionals are constantly lubricating their repairs, from axle grease to swapping out engine oil. Lisle meets those lubrication demands with durable products that can include these items, such as:

  • Drain tubs
  • Funnel extensions
  • Oil dispensers

Lisle understands that a remove and install service takes more tooling than the parts being ultimately charged to the customer. Any tooling, including handy spray bottles, must withstand the rigors of a mechanic’s shop.

Every product has thick material, smart design and time-tested durability in the eyes of Lisle’s team. MFCP stands behind these products as well. Keep up with lubrication to see those customer vehicles fly down the road for thousands of miles.

Quality Automotive-Valve Resources

An engine depends on automotive valves that have high-quality materials and design parameters. Lisle is an expert in valve repair, which dates back to the 1920s with a valve refacing tool. Depend on this manufacturer to create valve tools with today’s modern specifications.

Lappers, holders and spring compressors are all part of the Lisle family of specialty automotive tools. Repair shops demand tooling that stands up to daily stresses. MFCP only works with the very best in the manufacturing world. Lisle defines valve tools with its long history of research and hands-on applications.

Contact Motion & Flow Control Products today with your Lisle Corporation questions. We carry many of the main products that you need. Ordering specialty items is possible too. Take advantage of Lisle’s expertise to boost your bottom line any day.