Saving the Work Day: Load-Sensing Valves for Your Heavy Machinery

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hydraulic systems are the heart of any well-oiled machine. Today’s construction industry cannot operate without the help of actuators, valves, and pumps.

These veritable workhorses wear down over time, however. They also become outdated compared to newer machines. If you’re an OEM engineer, owner-operator, or project manager, any old equipment on the job site equals time and money losses.

Get to know the future of hydraulic design with a look at Parker Hannifin’s EcoFormance technology. Load-sensing valves designed just for your machine will pique your interest when you understand their benefits.

Original Parts Dilemma

You’ve likely been on a job site where the foreman is a traditionalist. Every machine is a vintage reflection of its original build. Those five-year-old valves work perfectly with the surrounding parts. In the past, replacing any part on an older machine meant a cascade of problems was to follow. The newer parts never quite fit into the design as well as the older ones.

Today’s technology and designs are different (thankfully). Valves made by Parker Hannifin have precision cuts and angles to fit into any machine design. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the old and new parts at that point.

Loads Growing Heavy

Adding new, load-sensing valves onto your machines solves productivity problems. Your operator may be fresh and ready to work, but the machine responds in a sluggish manner. Worn-down and aging valves create these issues, including:

  • Slowed, up-and-down motions
  • Jerky lifts
  • Questionable accuracy to a ground target

When valves cannot efficiently transfer forces across a system, an entire project grows longer by days and weeks. Quality, load-sensing valves improve efficiency so that the bucket, arm, or other machine section feels like an extension of the human body.

Rising Fuel Costs

It’s a fact that you’ll use more fuel on a job site when you’re constantly correcting your position relative to the workspace. Fuel is one of the costliest materials on a job site. As a business, work with our team at MFCP so that your fuel costs are minimized as much as possible.

We’ll walk you through the details of the valves that will work for your setup. With a customized configuration, these valves become a plug-and-play installation. Watch the savings add up as you expertly move the machine into place without any glaring mistakes.

Applying Valves to Your Project

Parker Hannifin’s EcoFormance valves are versatile in several different industries. If you have heavy machinery, they probably employ hydraulics controlling their motions. Industries that benefit from load-sensing valves include:

  • Forestry work
  • Commercial and residential construction projects
  • Mining needs

Your company doesn’t have to own oversized machinery for valve applications to matter either. Smaller machines, including skid-steer loaders and mini excavators, also require load-sensing valves. Every workday is easier when these valves improve your efficiency and accuracy, especially if tight spaces surround the machine.

Compatibility Issues Resolved

Many businesses have several machine models on hand for their workers. Varying parts sizes and other details are always obstacles to updating any machine. Parker Hannifin’s EcoFormance technology offers a solution to this dilemma.

These valves can be swapped out in the stack without any compatibility problems. The engineers took the dimensions of common valves in the industry and created an all-purpose part that fits nearly every machine.

Work with our friendly team at MFCP in order to match your machine to a perfect valve. Our rapid, matching process means we’ll have you up and running in little time.

Enhanced Controls

There are several different types of valves in the construction world. Load-sensing valves tend to be the most efficient designs because of their responses in real-time. Benefit from these features, such as:

  • Automatic switching between modes
  • Load compensation throughout the workday
  • Interface simplicity with almost any ECU controller

Train your apprentice operators on these advanced valves. There’s no lag time to trip up the new worker. With controls that truly respond to touch, the machine makes learning much easier than before.

Hydraulics and flow controls continue on as critical aspects on any project site. Keep up with maintenance and be open-minded to new parts. OEM engineers are constantly updating their designs so that your work remains productive in the face of any challenges.