Lock ‘Em Tight: Securing Your Industrial Hose Assemblies With Dixon Products

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Whether you have hydraulic fluid or thick oil moving through those industrial hoses, any spills are worst-case scenarios. Protect your customers’ job sites and facilities with hose accessories that they can trust. At MFCP, we’re proud to carry Dixon products for your fluid-transfer needs.

Material Choices

Dixon knows industrial applications are both complex and possibly volatile. High-pressure fluids need couplers that can withstand the constant and turbulent conditions. For this reason, camlocks come in several material choices, such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass

Match the fluid type to a compatible metal. Adding camlocks to industrial hoses can’t be dictated by price. The metal must work alongside the fluid because corrosion and wear are threats to a well-maintained system.

Male or female?

Be sure to stock both male and female camlocks. Dixon knows many industrial hose assemblies are customized to the application. There are countless orientations among machines today, which require support and lubrication by the pumps and hoses around them.

Always offer male and female styles along with any o-rings that might apply to the situation. Swapping out couplers means that gaskets or o-rings may be an accompanying task.

Elbow it in

Most folks know about straight camlocks. What do you know about elbow joints? Camlocks with 90-degree angles are perfect for those tight corners around various facilities. The angled coupler doesn’t compromise on quality or reliability either. Snap it into place, and the machine is up and running again.

Simply pick your elbow size, from 1.25- to 6-inches in dimension. Each coupler comes with a maximum pressure rating along with safety tips.

Pin ’em

Every camlock has levers that snap downward and into a locked position. Fluid flows without any issues as the levers remain locked down. However, you may have concerns about vibration and loosening levers.

Consider pins. These locking tools fit into the camlocks so that the levers cannot snap upward. The entire assembly remains locked in place. Remove the pins with relative ease when the camlocks must be pulled apart.

Coupling down the line

Camlocks by Dixon can be used in a series of configurations. Industrial hoses can be long assemblies. Camlocks provide a safe way to add more length to the assembly.

Advertise the camlocks’ durability as pressurized fluid moves through the system. When every coupler is locked into place, the hoses should act as one unit. Remember, the handles must be snapped downward in order to lock the connection. Any lubrication job becomes seamless as a result.

Levers, Dust Caps and More

Dixon camlocks may be strong and durable, but breakages are possible. Keep your stock full of spare parts that can include:

  • Dust caps
  • Lever arms

Although camlocks are relatively simple by design, these small parts can be swapped out to rejuvenate the system. Tell your clients that they don’t have to replace an entire coupler if a tiny part malfunctions. They have many options with Dixon’s products and spare parts.

Add Some Color

Dixon products are made from quality metals, which are the visual appeal that you’ll find on most camlocks. Get creative by adding some color to the camlock levers. Orange and red are bright colors that can help you pinpoint a coupler along a length of hose. Dark areas in a facility, for example, are good candidates for colorful levers.

Your might appreciate color coding hoses as well. Use the colors to indicate certain fluids, such as hydraulic oil, so that everyone is aware of the assembly.

Our knowledgeable staff can put together an inventory stocking order that works for your budget and customer needs. All you have to is ask.