Lubrication Necessities: MFCP Supplies the Top Brands for Your Peace of Mind

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One aspect of machinery that’s shared among every industry is the need for lubrication. Gears, pumps and other moving parts come to a complete halt without lubrication across every surface. At MFCP, we support a business’s critical needs with pumps that provide reliable lubrication day in and day out. With Alemite, Graco and Lincoln pumps in operation, a business soars with few breakdowns and stellar profits.

Pumping power

Every pump has a particular design geared toward the application. Forcing grease into a system is much different than moving oil, for instance. Top brands carried by MFCP include the pumping power that you need, such as:

  • Bulk transfers or direct deliveries
  • Pneumatic or electric power
  • Precision specifications

Depending on a system’s design, it probably has multiple pumps that serve different functions. Every pump in our stock can match your specifications so that liquid transfers are smooth and trouble free. Lubrication will always keep those moving parts free from significant heat or wear damage.

Tight fits

Industrial machines don’t have all the space in the world. In fact, machinery is often located in tight-fitting locations. Give us your parameters so that we can find a pump assembly that works for you. From diaphragm pumps to manual designs, these products can fit into almost any area of your choosing.

The pump itself may be compact, but it’s the connected lines that pose a dimensional problem. MFCP has a vast, hose inventory that can match up with the top brands of pumps. Avoid any pinched hoses or frustrating installations. Name-brand pumps and accessories make short work out of a complicated design.

Viscosity concerns

Lincoln, Alemite and Graco products work with nearly any lubricating liquid you can imagine. Oil and grease may be commonplace, but you also have antifreeze applications. Viscosity plays a huge role in how your system is arranged. Consider these product choices by Lincoln Industrial, such as:

  • High-pressure pumps
  • Medium-pressure products
  • Filler pumps
  • Transfer pumps

Each pump works with a certain range of viscosities. If you’re not sure of your perfect pump, our team can point you in the right direction.

Accessorizing your pumps

MFCP and Alemite have the pump accessories necessary for smooth operations. Add these items to your next order, including:

  • Hoists
  • Strainers
  • Follower plates

Over accessorizing a system is a common issue, however. The design doesn’t require every accessory in our inventory. Speak to us about your applications. A small accessory, such as a bung adapter, might make a huge difference in a business’s productivity. Learning more about the pumping system always helps workers from the assembly line and into the executive office.

Backing up the system

Companies have efficient pumps. There’s no reason to add to their design at this point. What if the pump fails, however? Be ready for anything by adding an auxiliary pump by Graco, Alemite or Lincoln to a standard configuration. These pumps kick in when the system indicates a pressure issue. Take the original pump out of operation for immediate repairs.

Suggest a spare pump for your customers as well. A backup for the backup is never a bad idea.

The MFCP Difference

Feel confident in your lubricating strategy by working with MFCP. Our difference is in our attention to detail. We don’t just ship you a standard pump. Our team gets to know your specialized applications, from moving antifreeze to building vehicles.

Ask us questions about pump longevity, care tips and other details. We can even go into detail about your associated accessories, including those hydraulic fittings keeping everything in motion.

Our business only works with the best brands in the industry. Alemite, Graco and Lincoln are trusted names with specific applications. Give us an application, and we’ll match it to the proper parts.

Work with Motion & Flow Control Products today. If you have questions about lubricating pumps, we have the precise answers. Partner with our team to enhance your team too. We’re all in this together.