MFCP Brings Parker Hannifin Products to Utah

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For over 100 years, Parker Hannifin has established itself as a leader in the industrial market. Parker creates an assortment of control and motion technology products for consumers in the diverse industrial industry. Its products are ideal for many industries, including aerospace and medicine. No matter which product its customers use, Parker is committed to solving the world’s most complex and challenging engineering problems. Along with providing innovative products, tools, and equipment, the company also creates high-quality products that are backed by superior customer support. For that reason, MFCP is proud to be a master distributor for Parker Hannifin’s products in Utah. If you need a specific part or product, or if you’re not sure what to get, contact us today to learn more about the Parker products in stock.

About Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin Corporation started as a small company in Cleveland. It first opened its doors in 1917. Initially, the company was called “Parker Appliance.” Its first products were pneumatic brakes. Its first industry was transportation, which included trains, trucks, and buses. Based on popularity and a demand for even more products and engineering solutions, the company continue to expand its line of product offerings. Fast forward to the present, and the company now operates worldwide with a presence in more than 50 countries. In total, it has more than 100 divisions. With over 300 manufacturing facilities around the world, Parker can produce and distribute products quickly and easily to consumers, regardless of where they are located. Currently, it distributes products and services to customers in over 130,000 locations around the world.

Parker’s Primary Products

To date, the company has six main product groups that provide motion and control support. In a nutshell, the company simply states that its products apply to everything and anything that moves in the industrial arena. Some common areas that its products address are fluid and gas handling, process control, climate control, sealing and shielding. The company’s core product groups include:

• Filtration
• Climate control
• Sealing and shielding
• Hydraulic and pneumatic
• Aerospace technologies
• Process control

Some of the most common product categories are air preparation, aerospace systems, control technology, fluid power products, gas generations, O-rings, seals, and pumps. The company also produces motors and drives for an assortment of mechanical equipment. It also creates supplies for the medical and dental industry, and it has a line of products designed for commercial and industrial refrigeration, too.

Of all these categories, the aerospace and industrial markets are two of Parker’s largest client groups. For that reason, it focuses on specialized industrial product lines and fluid power lines with those core clients in mind. Along with creating generic components for a variety of industrial clients, the company can also produce specialized products for companies needing a custom solution.

About Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc.

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. (MFCP) is proud to be a family-owned business. We have offices in 32 locations across the United States, including Utah. We are a master distributor of Parker Hannifin’s products, which means you can find just about any Parker product that you need through us. We also offer exceptional customer service and highly-trained staff who can answer any questions you have or help you find the product you need.

The Parker-MFCP partnership is a winning solution for industrial customers around the world. We offer an expansive line of products and top-notch customer support to help clients find the product and solution for their needs. Our goal is to help your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Contact us with your questions, product inquiries, or to get a custom quote.