MFCP: Your Source for Midland Metal Products

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Hoses, filters and lubricants might be at the top of your shopping list as you restock your spare-part inventory. Don’t forget about those tiny products that are crucial to any system, however. Fittings, nipples, clamps and valves are all necessary for pneumatics and various other machines. At Motion & Flow Control Products, we partner with Midland Metal Products to bring you the very best in the fitting industry. Discover this manufacturer as you improve your system with high-quality parts.

Raw Material Beginnings

To understand the expertise that Midland Metal brings to your fittings, it’s best to know their history. About 100 years ago, this humble company began as a foundry. The early owners refined their work with metal, which has now turned into a state of the art process in the 21st century.

Brass became the metal of choice in the 1970s. From that point forward, this company has served countless industries with metal products that last. Count on Midland to make a dent in those downtime numbers. Their fittings can stand up to many hours of vibration, wear and stress.

Today’s Stock

Currently, Midland carries a wide range of parts to fit your mechanical needs. Discover these items for your next part order, such as:

  • Brass fittings
  • Valves
  • Nipples
  • Clamps

Every metal piece is carefully crafted out of high quality materials. Order multiple parts of the same type, and consistency in manufacturing creates trust between you and Midland. They strive to perfect their parts so that your only concern is installing them before your system runs again.

Update your hose system with new clamps that keep everything in place, for example. Productivity and reliability are built into every part.

Customized Solutions

Metal fabrication is also a service performed by Midland Metal Products. They don’t send any materials out for manufacturing purposes. Midland performs the work themselves. Their history as a foundry backs up their expertise.

They trust in brass for many of their parts’ designs. This metal alloy is beneficial in several ways, such as:

  • Easily machined
  • Remains strong under stress
  • Fights corrosion

Brass isn’t influenced by magnetism either, which makes it perfect for use around motors and other magnetically-driven parts.

If you don’t see a brass fitting that works for your application, ask MFCP about a custom order. Our connection with Midland makes the process as seamless as possible.

Working Alongside MFCP

We work hard to forge business relationships that complement your experience at MFCP. It makes sense to have trusted, metal fabrication as one of your options. When you need high quality fittings, come directly to us with your specifications. Midland has so many sizes and styles that we can find the right fit for you.

For customized needs, leave your project with us. We’ll work with Midland and get back to you with an appropriate quote. You lose no time or productivity with this service. Reasonable prices and reliable parts will be the result of this relationship.

Convenient Location

You’ll find Midland’s production facility in Kansas City, Missouri. They’re centrally located so that parts shipments arrive in record time. Midland has a state of the art facility that creates parts each day.

Our inventory holds many parts for your convenience too. If you need a bulk or specialized order, Midland isn’t too far away from our many locations. Regardless of the part type, a wide range of products are always available in the middle of the nation. MFCP’s stores stock the most popular selections. Simply stop by a shop or order online.

Work with Motion & Flow Control Products today. We can find or customize any order with Midland Metal. Our professional relationship makes parts availability easier than ever. It simply takes one call to start an order.