Parker Cylinders: Blazing a Path Through the 21st Century

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Without the power of hydraulic cylinders, lifting and moving heavy objects just wouldn’t be possible. Motion & Flow Control Products is keenly aware of this fact, which is why we partner with Parker Hannifin for our cylinder supply, service and replacement parts. Get to know the Parker world of cylinder design. The science behind the components is fascinating.

The Beauty of Cylinder Design

In short, Parker Hannifin thinks of every detail when it comes to their cylinders. Their cylinder catalog points out that every piston rod comes with chrome-plating and case-hardening features. These details equate to a cylinder assembly that won’t slip or catch during the most powerful operations. Parker understands that the tiniest details make or break your productivity numbers.

They even make rod-end repairs quick and easy with interchangeable parts. With cylinder bodies made from quality steel and chrome plating too, your hydraulics have no choice but to work with precision and speed each day.

Learning More About Power Density

There’s a major reason why motion and control technologies still revolve around hydraulics: power density and efficiency are never compromised. Look at any other mechanical or electrical assembly that produces motion, and hydraulics will win out every time. According to Mobile Hydraulic Tips, the pressure offered by a small actuator will produce hundreds of PSI that are useful in countless applications.

Because hydraulics aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, Parker continues to refine and improve their products. Work with MFCP to see your options today.

Matching Cylinders With Enhanced Features

Control technology has advanced from just a simple, rod-and-barrel design. In fact, there are many variations on the basic cylinder itself, reports Hydraulics & Pneumatics. Parker’s designs have included a few unique features too, such as:

  • Jewel gland
  • Stepped cushion

The Jewel gland acts almost like a wiper blade to your cylinder’s rod. It prevents wet-rod scenarios while offering lubricating action whenever necessary. These features are perfectly designed for reciprocating shafts.

Turn to the stepped-cushion design, which resembles a nozzle or tapered end to the rod. As the component presses forward, it has a cushioned response at the end of its movement. Less shock and noise are the results of this design.

Why Parker Remains at the Forefront of Manufacturers

Industries as varied as the medical field and manufacturing rely on Parker’s cylinder division. This manufacturer continues to be viable for every hydraulic need because they continually improve.

An item as simplistic as the o-ring can always have variations and improvements. Parker doesn’t overlook the importance of any component. Their evaluations focus down to the most basic elements, including the raw materials, that make their products shine. If a particular finish isn’t working for the cylinder, Parker finds a solution right away.

Forging Ahead to the Hybrid World

Hydraulic cylinders, valves, hoses and control units are at the heart of every system. Parker has now introduced its hybrid design to the world. In essence, a Hybrid Actuation System or HAS offers a fully functional cylinder without the need for external control or hoses.

Freeing up the system in this manner can revolutionize certain industries. The technology is slowly being adopted by a few industries, and they couldn’t be happier about the results.

Selecting Customized Options

You have a proprietary machine in your production line. It doesn’t need those over-the-counter cylinders, however. Your team needs a customized solution.

Parker cylinders can be customized to your exact specifications. Contacting MFCP or Parker will get you started.

Customized options might include these features, such as:

  • Dimensional variations
  • Pressure specifications
  • Specialized lubrication needs

Let our technicians speak to your facility experts. Putting our heads together will result in a cylinder that works for your defined needs.

Discover Parker cylinders by working with Motion & Flow Control Products today. We work with Parker because they offer the very best in hydraulic technologies across multiple platforms. Stay up to date with Parker’s cylinder world and beyond. Their quality is unsurpassed.