Parker Hannifin Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

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Much has changed since Arthur L. Parker founded the Parker Appliance Company in March 1917, but the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and engineering excellence has remained constant.

Today, Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 company and a leader in motion and control systems and technology, and all of us at MFCP are proud to have been selected as one of the company’s few Master Distributors. Today we’ll explain some of the benefits of partnering with a Master Distributor, and  take a look at some of Parker Hannifin’s most memorable moments during its first 100 years.

MFCP: A Parker Distributor Like No Other

Organizations like Parker choose their distributors very carefully, but only those sharing the company’s values and able to consistently exceed customer expectations are selected to become Master Distributors. Choosing where to buy Parker products is an important decision because the machines you fit them to are likely the beating hearts of your business, and we have you covered whether you are looking for Parker seals, hose fittings or any of the company’s other innovative products. The benefits of choosing MFCP as your Parker distributor are many and include:

  • Access to Parker’s latest, best and most in-demand products.
  • Unparalleled access to Parker’s support resources.
  • A network of 28 locations to serve you in Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, Washington and Oregon.
  • A vast inventory of Parker products that can be ordered online and shipped out fast.
  • Industry leading customer service from both MFCP and Parker.
  • Products from Parker divisions including Accumulator, Pneumatic, Parflex and Partek.

A Rich Parker Hannifin History

Key Patents

The first of Parker’s more than 8,000 patents was for a hydraulic device that regulated the speed of electric generators. Since then, the company has routinely raised standards and opened up entirely new fields of engineering endeavor with a series of game changing patents that include:

  • A compressed air control system for automobile engines in 1918.
  • A pressure fluid system with a unique valve in 1919.
  • A tool for flaring and tapering pipe ends in 1931.
  • A primer for gas engines in 1933.
  • A pneumatic valve control device in 1937
  • A machine for bending pipes and tubes in 1942.
  • Two-piece hydraulic hose fittings in 1948.

Across the Atlantic and to the Moon

Parker has fostered close ties with the aerospace industry since aircraft were made out of wood and canvas, and the company has been involved in some of aviation and space exploration’s most inspiring and nerve-wracking moments.

The Spirit of St. Louis

When Charles Lindbergh made his historic transatlantic flight in 1927, his iconic plane relied on a state-of-the-art Parker fuel system. Lindbergh had just a single engine to keep his plane aloft for over 33 hours, so he could not afford to take any chances.

One small step for a man

The whole world held its breath when Neil Armstrong took his fist step onto the surface of the moon in July 1969, but he would not have been able to take his historic stroll without Parker. The engines fitted to the Eagle landing module that carried Armstrong and Aldrin to the surface of the moon and then safely home again relied on Parker technology and controls.

Houston, we have a problem

When the brave astronauts of Apollo 13 faced disaster, Parker engineers worked around the clock to figure out a way to keep them supplied with oxygen. These efforts bore fruit and have gone on to inspire engineers around the world to think outside the box when faced with a seemingly impossible challenge.

Selecting the products you use to keep your business running – and choosing where to buy them – are decisions you want to only make once. MFCP and Parker Hannifin could be your perfect fit.