Parker Hannifin Connectors: Protecting Your Hydraulic System

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When you’re on the job, the machines that you work with must have quality parts. Without these assemblies, your day would be full of troubleshooting and repair jobs. Productivity is certainly sacrificed in these cases. For these reasons, turning to Parker fluid connectors as trusted parts is the best move any company can make. Learn about the features that you can find with these hydraulic connectors right now. Smooth sailing in any industry will be your daily experience.

Elastomeric Seals

Fluid loss along any part of a hydraulic system is serious. Advanced fluid connectors solve this issue with elastomeric seals at every joint.

With a mixture of polymers and rubber, these seals create a veritable bond with the surrounding metal. They take on many different stressors, such as:

  • Bending
  • Flexing
  • Stretching

Depending on the model fitting that you select, these seals come with resistance to high temperatures. Simply narrow down your industry and application to choose the fitting that works for your customer base.

Face Seals

Your hydraulic hoses go through a lot of weathering on a given job site. Sunlight, strain and temperature swings create expansion-and-contraction forces on the hoses and seals. Shore up your installation with O-ring face seals.

Parker Hannifin offers specific fittings with trapezoidal seals.

  • This shape forces the seal to remain in place with fewer chances of leaking out.
  • Scientific experiments prove that the seals fare well under industry pressures so that you can continue working.
  • Replacing the seals isn’t necessary when they adhere nicely to the fitting’s channels.

Push-Lok Choices

It seems like every customer has a unique application for their hydraulic system. Many of these hydraulic lines are in hard-to-reach areas. Solve those problems with Push-Lok fittings from Parker Hannifin.

Snap it on with a push of the outer housing. There are no worries about leakage or loose connections. You have an assembly that’s ready to go. When your customers are worried about their productivity in difficult conditions, the Push-Lok assembly remains reliable every time.

Blowout Preventers

When your system is under high pressure, blowouts are constant concerns. Pressures can reach higher than 1,000 PSI in some cases. Parker fluid connectors are designed for blowout protection. Blowout Preventers give you a solid connector that’s up to two inches long.

Consider these fluid connectors for the drilling or oil industries. Blowouts on any other job site can be minor issues, but environmental damage is the issue at hand when it comes to drilling or oil needs.

Snap-Tite Couplings

Your customers may feel more comfortable with a snapping action on their fittings.

  • Parker’s fluid connectors have Snap-Tite products that offer that satisfying sound.
  • It offers confirmation that the fitting and hose are in place.
  • When you have companies with many workers operating in the same area, it makes sense to have these fittings in place.

There’s no question that the system is ready to go. The snapping action doesn’t compromise on quality either. You still have quality parts within the snapping fitting.

Non-Spill Applications

Removing any connector from a hydraulic system often leads to slight spills at the job site.

  • Look for Parker’s NSP-Series couplings that come with a non-spill design.
  • Remove it from the system, and the connector won’t drip any liquid.
  • It also prevents air from infiltrating the system as well.

These couplings work best with oil or water applications. There’s a limited temperature range, but most systems requiring this non-spill feature will fit within the specifications.

Bagging Differences

Contamination of your hydraulic system can break down multiple parts at once. You want to avoid this scenario at all times. Certain Parker components come individually bagged for your convenience. Between shipping and stocking practices, exposed fittings can become contaminated with minute dust.

If your parts arrive in bags, you’ll know that they’re completely clean. Your customers remove the bag and install the fitting as required. As a result, their systems are free from any contamination from the manufacturer.

For all of your fluid-transfer questions, contact Motion & Flow Control Products today. Fluid system connectors keep your customers running every day. Be their resource for every hydraulic question as you expand your industry expertise.