Product Spotlight: Parker Hannifin’s Global Shield

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Understandably, Parker Hannifin’s customers have been asking for products that exceed the standards for environmental responsibility (as well as lengthen the lifespan of corrosion resistant coatings in the world’s toughest environments).

In an effort to always be at the cutting edge of technology, Parker has answered the call with Global Shield. This technology was engineered by the experts at Parker Hannifin to provide you with the best, and longest lasting corrosion technology.


What Is Global Shield?

Global Shield is an advanced cylinder rod coating that was designed to resist corrosion eight times longer than today’s standard coatings. That includes coatings such as chrome, electroless nickel, nitride, and even hard chrome over electroless nickel.

When tested against harsh and corrosive properties like calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and salt spray, Global Shield outperformed all the other coatings on the market. Not only is Global Shield environmentally safe and extremely long-lasting, but it’s more affordable too.

The materials and manufacturing process to create Global Shield is so efficient that Parker Hannifin can offer this best-in-class coating for less than what you’ve been paying for its subpar equivalent.

The emissions are significantly below the OSHA PEL (Personal Exposure Limits) requirements as well as the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) requirements for the European markets.

This means no hazardous chromium and only nominal amounts of other hazardous materials, which will put you well within the range of compliance no matter where your business is located.

This breakthrough coating technology is also compatible with a wide range of other coatings, materials, and fluids making it a perfect solution, whatever your application.

What are the benefits of using products with Global Shield coating?

Environmentally friendly

  • More efficient manufacturing means a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Eliminates the use of hazardous chromium found in other coatings and exceeds the world’s standards in safety.
  • Requires less overall energy to produce and apply than other corrosion resistant coatings.

Ease and versatility of use

  • Can be applied during the initial hydraulic cylinder manufacture or during maintenance when the cylinder is to be removed and then reinstalled.
  • The coating can be applied to cylinders ranging from ½ inch in diameter to 15 inches with a length of 13 feet. There is no job too big!
  • It is strippable without the need for grinding and compatible with a range of other materials, making it easy to use and replace.

Increases the equipment life span

  • Extends the life of the hydraulic seal through less friction.
  • Applications can be as thick as 0.020 in, versus the standard 0.001 in for a greater corrosion resistance.
  • Range of material thickness can benefit damaged rods in need of resurfacing.


What industries benefit from Global Shield technology?

Any industry that uses hydraulic cylinders can benefit from this advanced coating technology.

  • Waste Processing • Material Handling
  • Civil Engineering • Wood Processing
  • Primary Metals • Testing and Analysis
  • Renewable Energy • Marine
  • Food Processing • Valve Actuators
  • Offshore Oil and Gas


When most people think about corrosion resistance, they think about the obvious applications in industries such as marine and offshore oil.

Sure, Global Shield has proven to be able to stand up to the harshest saltwater environments, but industries around the country have used Global Shield as well. Cities have found Global Shield to be an affordable way to go green and increase the life of their waste management vehicles.

Wood processing means working in harsh conditions with extreme temperatures, but using Global Shield has reduced the downtime caused by rust, cold, and other elemental corrosion.

This coating strictly adheres to the Parker Hannifin belief that every product they make should be a cradle-to-grave solution. There is no doubt, Global Shield was built to last.