Understanding Parker SensoNODE Gold & Voice of the Machine

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Keeping your machinery downtime to a minimum is something we strive for with our customers. The SensoNODE Gold and Voice of the Machine Cloud Starter Kit provides an out-of-the-box solution to begin measuring and recording crucial data immediately so you can find issues well before they become more harmful.


Getting Started


In just 3 simple steps, you’ll be able to set alerts to notify responsible parties of an event, view actionable data in graphical form, and export data for further analysis.


Step 1: Install the sensors

Step 2: Supply power to the gateway

Step 3: Login to “Voice of the Machine” Cloud


Boom! It’s that simple.


Why SensoNODE Gold?

  • Wireless sensors that are small in size
  • Simple sensor installation
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Place sensors at point of need
  • Long battery life
  • Long-range radio
  • Durable construction for harsh environments– IP65 rated




The SensoNODE Gold and Voice of the Machine Cloud Starter Kit includes:


  • (1) 150 psi Pressure Sensor and (1) 5,800 psi Pressure Sensor
    SensoNODE Gold Pressure Sensors are designed for accurate monitoring with the most commonly used pressures in the industry.
  • (1) SensoNODE Gold Temperature Sensor
    SensoNODE Gold Temperature Sensors are designed for accurate tracking of in-line or ambient temperatures measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • (1) SensoNODE Gold Vibration Sensor
    Parker’s SensoNODE Vibration Sensors provide a simple and effective way to measure the vibration of industrial machinery.
  • (1) SensoNODE Gold 4-20mA Transmitter
    The 4-20mA Transmitter turns any wired 4-20mA sensor into a wireless device, making it easier to monitor any asset.
  • (1) SensoNODE Gold Repeater
    The Repeater is used as a network range extender for all sensors connected to mCard PRN, and supports up to 500 sensors.
  • (1) SensoNODE Gold Gateway System
    The gateway is the control center of the system which receives the data from the sensors and transmits it to Voice of the Machine Cloud.
  • (2) Adapters and (1) cable
    Pipe adapters to convert SAE o-ring port to NPT; M12 connection cable (6.5ft) for use with existing sensor and 4-20mA transmitter.

Pressure SensorSensoNODE Gold Temperature SensorSensoNODE Gold Vibration SensorSensoNODE Gold 4-20mA TransmitterSensoNODE Gold RepeaterSensoNODE Gold Gateway SystemAdapters and Cable


Voice of the Machine Cloud Software

Parker’s cloud-based continuous condition monitoring software that provides alerts, status, and analytics. This results in awareness of your processes and assets anytime, anywhere.



Voice of the Machine Industrial Cloud/Edge and SensoNODE Gold

Voice of the Machine Edge Software

Voice of the Machine Edge Software is designed to work seamlessly with a web browser-based user interface. Data is ingested from virtually any industrial asset. The Edge Interface allows you to run various applications utilizing your data at the Edge, or send it securely to the Cloud for seamless enterprise integration.



How To Buy


While we can provide the full starter kit, it’s also worth noting that we’re able to do custom solutions specific to your application. To learn more about installation and use, feel free to refer to this PDF Provided by Parker. Have questions? Reach out to our team here, or speak to SensoNODE specialist, Nick K., today!