Product Spotlight: Parker SensoNODE

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April’s Product Spotlight: Parker’s SensoNODE

The MFCP product of the month is SensoNODE, a Parker Hannifin product. We’ll give you a rundown of what it is, how it works, and give you a look at some of the features.


So, what is it exactly?

SensoNODE is a powerful sensor used with a smartphone app to detect issues with equipment performance. A simple idea that uses some cool technology to solve the problem of maintaining hard-to-reach equipment (an issue long felt in the industrial marketplace).

SensoNODE sends alerts to the software on your phone using SCOUT Mobile software in the case of a malfunction. (Again, this technology is ideal for areas that are hard to reach or see, like for those in the marine industry.) It gives you up-to-date status feeds on your equipment without having to shut down for you to physically examine. Pretty cool.  Users are able to:

  • Obtain and record more reliable performance data
  • Decrease routine maintenance
  • Identify and repair minor issues before they lead to downtime and costly repairs
  • Improve efficiency with both equipment performance and labor distribution

Sounds interesting. How does it all work?

The SensoNODE sensors use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly communicate changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure. Details on how it works:

  • Simply install the sensor and turn the cap counterclockwise to turn it on.
  • The sensor will automatically turn itself off after two minutes of no connectivity and does not require a power supply. (Pro Tip: this gives you the control to use it when you need to, without draining your resources.)
  • Once the sensor is in place and the SCOUT Mobile software has been loaded onto your device, you will start receiving data based on the thresholds you’ve set for that particular piece of equipment. (Pro Tip: because you determine the range for pressure, humidity, and temperature within the app, you won’t get annoying false alerts.)

The user-friendly interface makes set-up easy. You can see the data in the way that you choose, giving you the information you need to proactively manage your equipment and maintenance process, as opposed to being reactive to it.

Makes sense. Anything else that I should know?

A lot. The SensoNODE and SCOUT monitoring system provides:

  • Historical and real-time data for analysis and performance tracking
  • Accurate readings without the downtime for maintenance
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compact and sturdy design allows for functionality in harsh environments
  • Automatic alerts
  • Reduction in scheduled maintenance
  • Address issues in real time
  • Decreased potential for catastrophic events
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with nearly every mobile device

Got it. But, who should use it?

Many different industries have begun using SensoNODE, from power generation plants to shipping vessels, and even oil and gas companies. There are many dangerous chemicals that workers are exposed to during the oil drilling and mixing process. By installing SensoNODE at integral points throughout the process, workers are able to monitor pressure levels from a safe distance. Win-win.

Something everyone should consider: safety. Creating a safer work environment just makes sense no matter what industry you’re in. So does increasing the life of your equipment. The SensoNODE sensors allow for maintenance teams to have access to the data they need to determine if a problem is about to occur, giving them the opportunity to fix it before any real damage is done.

Too often, there is no way to tell that a piece of equipment is going to malfunction until it’s too late, causing extensive downtime for costly repairs. SensoNODE is a favorite of ours because it can:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce and/or eliminate equipment repair and replacement costs
  • Increase workplace safety

Again, can’t emphasize enough how important safety is to us – one of the big reasons SensoNODE is a favorite.

Will It Work For You?

If you were nodding your head when reading a lot of the above, you’re probably a good fit for SensoNODE. The ease of use makes it great for a number of different employees with different ranges of technical know-how. Simply attach the sensor and turn it on, then grab your phone and open the app. We like products that are smart, quality-made and easy to use. SensoNODE checks those boxes.