PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Transair® by Parker Hannifin

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Most pipe systems are known for pressure loss, tough installation, and all around limitations that take a toll on your time.

It doesn’t matter if you are manufacturing air or have a centralized vacuum system, sometimes the entire system can feel like more of a hindrance than a help. Parker Hannifin has addressed all of these struggles with the Transair® aluminum pipe system for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas.

With proprietary innovations and just good old fashioned know how, the Transair system eliminates a lot of the worry that comes with traditional pipe systems.

Air Manufacturing with the Transair System: Flexibility 

Transair pipe is an aluminum pipe system that is lightweight and features interchangeable components, (giving you the flexibility to change your configuration in a matter of minutes).

Did you know? The aluminum construction is what keeps the pipe lightweight without compromising the strength of the system. This innovative idea makes installing and moving the pipes easy and fast.

The Transair pipe is resistant to corrosion which increases the life of the system as well as reduces the need for frequent filter changes. This saves time and money from your maintenance routine.

Because the pipe system features quick connections, you can forget about the need to glue or solder the pipes into place. Instead, you can plan on being leak-free with the unique Transair interlocking sealing system.


The Transair System: Designed to Move Inert Gas

Parker Hannifin understands the need for premium performance when it comes to conveying inert gas.

Whether you are moving gas to prevent fire or as a product protectant, the Transair pipe system was designed with a smooth interior to ensure inert gas can freely flow without any compromising effects.

Did you know? The lacquer finish is guaranteed to enhance the chemical properties of the gas.

The Transair system takes the issue of safety very seriously. With non-flammable connectors, you can feel sure the Transair system won’t let you down.


Transair Bonus: Vacuum Systems

The Transair vacuum pump addresses some of the most annoying features of traditional PVC piping systems: difficult installation, leaks, and having to shut down the whole system for simple maintenance procedures. Not good for you, or for business.

Did you know? The quick connecting system offers leak-free suction for the best possible airflow. Because the entire system doesn’t need to be shut down for pump maintenance, you will see a significant increase in overall productivity.

The entire system is reusable, easy to install and can be adjusted in no time. They are designed to be maintenance free pipes, so you can install them and worry about more important things.


Connectors, Pneumatic Valves, And Fittings, Oh My!

If there is one factor that Parker Hannifin focused on with the Transair system, it’s ease of use.

We love that the Transair system features pneumatic valves are placed strategically throughout the system for easy isolation, to quick connect fittings for safety and fast connections.

The valves and quick-connectors make it simple to reconfigure your system at the drop of a hat. (Not to mention they shorten installation times and make maintenance fast and easy.)

Is Transair the right solution for you?

Traditional air manufacturing systems can require a lot of work, from understanding the system to figuring out the weak points. Even trying to keep up with all of the maintenance and training that’s required is tough.

The whole thing can be overwhelming and frustrating. Of course, you always want to keep an eye on things and make sure the system is running the way that it should. Unfortunately, there’s no denying the loss of productivity that occurs when you’re constantly replacing filter components and troubleshooting pressure drops.

Parker Hannifin was determined to resolve these issues, and the Transair system was the solution.

Without sacrificing safety, we think you’ll see an increase in productivity as well as an increase in the overall life of the system.

Whether you are conveying air, inert gas, or installing a new vacuum pump, the Transair system has the components you need to turn your system from troublesome, to trouble free.