Hunters and Loggers, Rejoice: Portable Winches!

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Hunters and loggers need portable winches that you can take anywhere – compact, lightweight but with strong pulling force (some winches have a pulling force of up to 1150kg!).

Portable Winches from MFCP give Alaskans in the hunting and forestry industries a ton of different
options depending on what you need.

No matter what model you pick (gas, electric, or battery-powered), you’ll know you’re getting a quality winch – most are powered by Honda engines! If you need help picking an option, or team in Alaska is ready to help. Just ask!

Something for Everyone: Battery, Gas, or Electric

Our gasoline-powered winches are powered by Honda engines.  There’s something for everyone, whether you are a hunter needing to move heavy game, or in the logging business and need industrial lifting power.

The PCW-5000 is a great option, and one of the most popular portable winch units! For bringing down hung-up trees, pulling out-of-reach logs, or even helping to get a vehicle un-stuck, the PCW5000 is a perfect option.

Another popular option is the PCW-3000. This winch is designed to be lightweight and super efficient, making it ideal for undertaking laborious tasks in any rough terrain and with any length of rope.

Battery-powered portable winch

Winches with a battery motor give you both power and autonomy.

Ideal for anyone wanting minimal to no maintenance. Plus, the batteries are compatible with other battery-powered tools you may have, like chainsaws, lawn edgers, and lawn mowers.

Electric-powered portable winch

On the flip side of the gas-and-battery-powered models suited for outdoor use, the electric portable winches are perfect for indoor use!Portable Winch

They’re basically noiseless, making them super convenient and versatile.

Accessories: Ropes, Rope Bags and Pulleys

No winch is complete without the right accessories. Double braided polyester ropes are low stretch, and heat and abrasion resistant. A durable choice for any portable winch! Portable Winch offers ropes from 50 to 300 meters.

You’ll want to keep your rope clean and undamaged. Rope bags are perfect for storing your ropes, preventing them from getting twisted and taking on any unnecessary wear and tear. Plus you can throw in your pulleys, carabiners, slings etc. (Portable Winch also has the PCA-0103 which is designed to attach to the Back Transporter PCA-0104!)

Increase your power with pulleys

Pulleys can increase your pulling power by a factor of 2,3,4 or even more. Plus, they can help with efficiency, if you set them up to modify the path or angle of a pull. Portable Winch has pulleys made out of super durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum, and double-swing and single-swing side models!

Find the right Portable Winch for you today!

Ask our team – they’re here and ready when you are.