Pre-Mixed Fuel for Chainsaws: Why You Should Switch Right Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When you walk through a Motion & Flow Control Products store in Alaska, you might be tempted by the pre-mixed fuel on the shelves. For traditionalists, mixing your own fuel for those chainsaws is an art. You create just the right ratio. However, mixing fuel isn’t always practical. Stop walking by the STIHL fuel mix, and pick up a container today. There are many benefits to pre-mixed fuels that cannot be beat by the average mixing session.

No More Mixups

It’s a fact that many people make mistakes as they mix their fuel. The ratios between oil and petrol can be confusing. The results of poor ratios are:

  • engine issues
  • carbon buildup

Avoiding mixups is possible with the use of STIHL chainsaw fuel mix. You simply pour it in and go on your way. Making sense of ratios during a mixing session isn’t necessary anymore. Allow the professionals to mix the fuel because it pays off in the end.

Staggering Lifespan

For experienced users, the chainsaw’s maintenance demands attention every three months. Traditionally, mixed fuels must be drained and measured out again. The fuel loses its potency over time if it’s left in the tool for more than 90 days.

Pre-mixed fuels for your winter-ready chainsaw produce a different effect. These synthetic fuels last for nearly two years. This lifespan is a stark difference from the three-month types. Remind yourself, however, that no fluids should be left in a STIHL chainsaw when it’s stored for the winter. Leaks, corrosion and parts decline are the results of this habit.

Synthetic Texture

Many power-tool professionals pride themselves on perfect mixes, but petrol and oil aren’t always pure substances themselves. At the molecular level, there are anomalies in the form of tiny debris. These naturally occurring fuel components can negatively impact a chainsaw.

For MFCP’s Alaskan stores, we see the majority of repairs emanating from declining fuel. Whether the mixture is right or wrong, the fuel damages internal parts with expensive price tags.

Selecting STIHL chainsaw fuel mix is the best way to avoid damages because synthetic products are completely smooth. Friction from molecular anomalies isn’t a concern anymore.

Ethanol Free

Pre-mixed fuels don’t normally have ethanol as an ingredient. It should be advertised on the side of the container. Ethanol isn’t necessarily a bad ingredient because it serves a purpose in traditional mixes.

Choose a non-ethanol pre-mixed fuel, however, and corrosion won’t be an issue. If ethanol heats up too much, it can damage seals and other parts. You never have to worry about this alcohol being part of your system’s configuration.

Saving Time

Everyone who’s familiar with old-fashioned fuel mixing knows that it takes time.

  • Get your task going as early as possible with STIHL fuel mix in your chainsaw
  • Simply measure out the proper fuel level in your tool
  • Activate the saw, and start your project.

People who prefer manual mixing will still be performing this chore as you start out strong on your landscaping or personal task.

Withstands Extreme Cold

Alaska’s winters aren’t getting any warmer. For this reason, we suggest pre-mixed fuels for your chainsaws. It’s actually designed to be a winterizing product, which means that it can withstand the bitter cold. Take the chainsaw out to clear away a fallen tree in January. It should power up without an issue.

Warranty Perks

The STIHL Company offers another perk above and beyond functionality when it comes to pre-mixed fuels. An extended warranty is possible for a STIHL chainsaw using the company’s pre-mixed fuel.

These warranties are especially valuable when you work and live around the Anchorage and Fairbanks area. Cold weather stresses the chainsaw’s internal parts. The addition of pre-mixed fuel means that the parts are somewhat protected. As a reputable manufacturer, STIHL knows that the chainsaw-and-fuel combination will only improve the tool’s functionality over time. Offering the warranty only encourages safe use of the chainsaw through the seasons.

Motion & Flow Control Products are happy to assist you with any question about STIHL chainsaw fuel mix. When you work and play in the Fairbanks and Anchorage regions, quality fuel for the coldest months is mandatory. We can steer you toward the perfect product so that your chainsaw takes on nearly any temperature during the winter.