Hydraulic Hose Tooling, Crimpers, and Repair

Experts Guiding You to Your Right Products

At Motion and Flow Control Products, we know that not every solution can be purchased right off of the shelf. That’s why we offer our customers the ability to make their own assembly. From hydraulic hose fittings tooling to hydraulic crimping tools, we have the machines you need. Because MFCP is committed to our customers, you can rest assured that every product and machine we carry is of the highest quality.

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Motion and Flow Control Products: Your Hydraulic Crimping Tool Provider

For over half a century. MFCP has been a leader in the industry because of our commitment to every aspect of customer service. We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality products and the technical know-how to install, service, and maintain those products. We also understand that, while custom-built solutions may be the answer, not every customer wants to do the hydraulic hose fittings tooling on their own. That’s why we offer a full-service repair and fabrication facility. Our engineers will design and build the perfect solution to your exact specifications. We believe that being your go-to supplier also means being your go-to full-service partner. Some of the benefits you’ll receive by partnering with Motion and Flow Control Products are:

  • Hose Kitting Services
  • Certified CNG Hose Assembly
  • DOT Approved Brake Hose Fabrication
  • Hose Crimping Equipment Rental
  • Hose Fabrication
  • Crimper Placement Programs
  • Custom Manufacturing-Engineering and Design
  • Field Technician Services
  • Installation Services
  • And More!

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We Want To Earn Your Business

Since 1960, MFCP has been working hard to develop our reputation. A reputation that has been built on the principles of outstanding customer service, a commitment to quality, and the constant honing of our craft. Decades of industry knowledge paired with a drive to stay on the cutting edge of new products and technology allows us to see each system and possible solutions from every angle. You will never feel pressured to buy the “make-do” part we have on hand because we strive to have every part and product you need on hand all the time. By partnering with the MFCP staff, you can feel confident that you are getting the right part and the best solution each and every time.

Let’s Get Started!

We are ready to get started and show you what having MFCP on your team looks like. With our nearly 30 locations strategically placed around the Western United States, we are never more than a phone call away. Our fast delivery and service times are exactly what you need to keep your systems running smoothly.

Call us now. Our amazing staff is ready to answer your questions. Just have a quick question or already know what you need? Chat live with us now from our website or click here to go ahead and request a quote. It’s ok if you don’t have time right now – send a note to one of our technical experts and we will get back with you at a time that fits into your schedule. We look forward to working with you!