Instrumentation Fittings - Industrial Fittings from Top Manufacturers

Instrumentation fittings available in general industrial configurations, mechanical tube fittings Parker brand ALOK and CPI one and two-ferrule Tube fittings, are used to contain fluids and gases on qualified tubing in general industry up to about 10,000 psi depending on size and material. Medium pressure tube fittings, Parker brand MPI tube fittings, are designed for systems 10,000 psi to 20,000 psi. Lastly, Parker brand Autoclave fittings are designed to contain fluids and gases up to 150,000psi. These mechanical fittings are either assembled with wrenches or are threaded and coned with special tools, depending on pressure and are used where extreme pressures are required. Each of these fitting designs is offered in various materials and sizes up to 2” outside diameter.