Instrumentation Valves

This product group includes; On/off or quarter-turn valves like ball or plug valves for general industrial use for fluids or gasses, needle valves for use when flow control is needed. Pack-less valves which are used primarily in the Semiconductor or analytical industries where entrapment area is eliminated, and the body-to-bonnet seal is static. And check and relief valves where the flow is directionally controlled or proportionally controlled.
These instrumentation valves are usually limited in size 1/8”- 1” with ball valves going up to 2”. Pressures generally will be under 6000 psi with the specialized Autoclave and MPI group operating from 10,000 to 150,000 psi. Temperatures specified with these products generally -65 F to 450 F. In special cases, temperatures specified can reach cryogenic to 1200 F.