SensoNODE Makes Sense for Car Washes

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Car washing is a major business. According to the US Census Bureau, there are approximately 100,000 car wash operations around the country. Collectively, Americans spend nearly $6 billion each year to have their vehicles professionally cleaned and washed. The number of Americans visiting car washes has doubled in the past 10 years alone. Industry experts predict the number of car wash visits will only increase in the coming years. As a car wash owner or operator, you’ll need to be prepared! Fortunately, MFCP carries the Parker Hannifin Sensonode, which is an innovative product designed to make the entire car wash process more efficient and cost-effective for manufacturers.

Problems That Impact Business

Properly-operating machines are essential for car washes. Ultimately, a car wash needs functional equipment and machinery to stay in business. As the demand for car washes increases, so will the necessity for working machinery. The increase in consumer demand will increase stress on components used in car washes. This may cause them to wear out prematurely. It will also cause more downtime and even pose safety hazards. An automated conveyor, for instance, may not operate without sufficient pressure. This translates to operating delays and lost work time, which in turn means less business and a profit loss for the car wash. The rise in car washes also means that supplies such as wax and soap will run out more quickly. To ensure this doesn’t happen, car wash personnel need to ensure that liquid levels remain at an adequate level. Liquids also need condition monitoring in extreme conditions, such as sub-freezing temperatures, to ensure they aren’t impaired. Additional problems, such as frozen water lines and equipment, can result when temperatures and liquid levels drop too low.

What is the SensoNODE?

SensoNODE is made by Parker Hannifin and distributed by MFCP. The specialty product is designed to solve many of these common problems found in car washes. It is also designed with affordability and flexibility in mind. For customers’ benefit, it can be integrated into new or current car wash systems. The monitoring system is a versatile wireless device that allows service technicians to watch remotely for changes to the environment, such as temperature, humidity, pressure changes, and more. The system is connected to a computer so that car wash operators can have real-time visual data for their car wash bays.

Along with monitoring fluid and moisture levels, the system also allows car wash employees to monitor chemical levels. This is accomplished by checking the liquid level sensor that monitors chemical levels in the barrels. The sensor itself is small and non-invasive. It attaches seamlessly to the outside of any chemical container or barrel. In doing so, it minimizes the risk of equipment and material issues. It also provides service technicians with the vital information they need so that they know when they need to make repairs or contact one of our expert technicians for assistance.

SensoNODE and Specialty Software

SensoNODE is effective as a standalone product. However, it is also frequently paired with specialty software called “Voice of the Machine.” Together, these Parker Hannifin products create a seamless touch-free and virtual experience for the carwash operator. Both systems are connected to the internet to provide fast web-based services in real-time. The instant availability of this information reduces car wash inadequacy, equipment malfunction rates, or improper levels of chemicals and moisture levels in the car wash bay.

As American demand for car washes grows, carwash owners must stay one step ahead with condition monitoring to ensure their car washes can keep up increased usage without losing crucial operating time and revenue. MFCP offers an innovative solution called SensoNODE for that purpose.