SensoNODEBlue Sensors & SCOUTMobile Software

Parker’s SensoNODE Blue Sensors and SCOUT Mobile software deliver an IIoT solution that provides an

advanced condition monitoring for predictive maintenance across multiple applications and industries.

The SensoNODE Bluetooth-powered sensors catch performance fluctuations and transmit them to

SCOUT software, which records the data in both real-time and historical trends.

By monitoring assets and tracking data, users can employ predictive maintenance routines that

allow them to address even the smallest issue before it snowballs into a serious problem. This

allows users to:

  • Identify issues before they escalate
  • Reduce downtime
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Avoid dangerous situations
  • Improve labor efficiency
  • Record better analytics for better decision-making

Scout Mobile




SensoNODE Blue is Parker’s series of Bluetooth-powered sensors. Compact, energy-efficient, and

wireless, they are designed to provide simple and useful solutions for diagnostic and condition

monitoring applications with mobile devices. SensoNODE monitors assets for changes in pressure,

temperature, and humidity to help predict problems and prevent downtime.






Why Blue?

  • Consistent and accurate readings for Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity
  • Diagnostics mode to collect streams of data for analysis
  • Beacon mode gives measurements and charts to any user within range
  • Easy wireless connection process
  • No power supply needed
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Robust use in harsh environments
  • LED indicator aids in identifying sensor status
  • Each sensor is uniquely identifiable for association with assets or processes
  • Remote monitoring with Bluetooth® Smart Technology, so no special device is required to read the information


SCOUT Mobile software allows users to connect their mobile devices to the network and receive the

diagnostic data and analytics transmitted by SensoNODE sensors. SCOUT Mobile compiles the data and

presents it in a way that makes sense to a user’s operation, allowing them to track data in real-time

and historic trends, and receive user-defined alerts for unexpected condition changes that may damage



  • Automatic alert to system events
  • Wireless monitoring
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Address issues before they cause problems
  • Real-time and historical trends for each sensor
  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • Easy-to-use interface



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