Services & Solutions

Motion and Flow Control Products is more than just a parts provider. We offer a wide variety of services and solutions to solve your fluid and gas transfer problems. We do so while ensuring your safety, the reliability of your products, and help to keep your business running efficiently. Our host of services and solutions cover all markets and applications.

What we do best is use our expert knowledge and passion for the business to help your business. Connect with us today at 800.525.9085 to get any questions answered, or we can reach out to you. Need a quote? Get yours right here.



  • Pneumatic Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Pneumatic Component / FRL, Valve Actuator Sizing
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Sizing
  • Pneumatic System Design
  • Air system evaluations
hydraulic fittings

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

  • 24 Hour Mobile Hose Service
  • Hose Kitting Services
  • Certified CNG Hose Assembly
  • DOT Approved Brake Hose Fabrication
  • Tube Bending and Fabrication
  • Krimper and Tube Fabrication Equipment Rental
  • Discounted/Free Krimper Packages
  • Ultra-High Pressure Polyflex Hose Fabrication
  • Tube fab equipment rental
  • Hose crimping equipment rental
  • Hose labeling and tracking capabilities
  • Hose fabrication
  • High Pressure hose assemblies up 65,000 psi
  • Hydrostatic Hose Testing to 10,000 psi (SLC)
  • Crimper placement programs
  • Hose Kitting & Sub Assemblies
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Global Sourcing
  • Custom Manufacturing – Engineering and Design

Industrial Hose & Fittings

  • Hydrostatic Testing to 3000psi
  • Etched Metal Tagging, Custom Tagging
  • Etching on Sleeves, Ferrules and cylindrical objects
  • Crimping Capabilities to 8”
  • Internal Expansion Capabilities to 4”
  • API Certified Aircraft Fueling Hose Assemblies
  • Custom Engineered Hose and Fittings


  • MFCP Hydraulic Filter Build Program
  • Fluid Testing, Sampling, Particle Counting
  • Filter Element Interchanges
  • Machine Filtration Maintenance Programs
  • Fluid Conditioning Equipment
  • Filter Cart Rentals


  • Cylinder Interchanges
  • Hydraulic Component Repair
  • Component Failure Analysis
  • System Design and Consulting
  • Custom Manifold Design and Assembly
  • Hydraulic Power Unit Design and Fabrication
  • Pump and motor rebuilds
  • Cylinder and Accumulator rebuilds
  • Valve rebuilds
  • Hydraulic Safety Training
  • Hydraulic Component Remanufacturing



  • Instrumentation Valve and Fitting Training

Engineered Materials

  • Seal Kitting Services
  • Finite Element Analysis of Seal Performance
  • Seal Design, Gland Design and Material Recommendations

Field Service

  • System Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
  • System Failure Analysis
  • Oil sampling and reporting
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Industrial Systems Preventive maintenance


  • Custom manufactured parts or equipment
  • Piping, tubing, hoses, and fittings
  • Welding and fabrication