Smithfield, UT: We Know Hydraulic Power

We’ve called Smithfield home for thirty years. In those three decades, we’ve dedicated ourselves to being the go-to guy when it comes to hydraulic power, redesign and reengineering, snow plows, kitting, and much more.

Fisher snow plows in front of the Utah mountains

In Utah, we’re in the business of helping your business grow. Ask our team a question, request a quote — whatever next step you need to take, we’re here.

Custom hydraulic power units: what we do best

Out of the box product don’t always work when it comes to hydraulic pumps – we know that better than anyone. We’ve helped countless customers reengineer their products here in Smithfield. Like when we used a displacement pump, and made it work like a pressure compensated pump, and smoothed out the pressure lines with a pulse dampener.

All our hydraulic power units are custom made. We make sure you get the right valves and accumulators on your units – or we simple build them from scratch.


Fisher Snow Plows: never let the weather be a factor

The cold, the snow – when you’ve been here as long as we have, you don’t let it get in the way of business. Our Fisher snow plows get the job done – everything from RTV and UTV plows to v-plows to a classic straight blade plow.

Even better, our team can handle the installation for you. These plows are ideal for municipalities, landscapers, fleets – or just if you have a long driveway. We also provide other Fisher products, like salt spreaders.

Talk to our team today to find out more about the exceptional products we offer in Smithfield.

We take pride in being at your service – literally

Pump repair or replacements, cylinder repair, crimper placements, tube assemblies – we love to do it all.

Not just in Smithfield, but at all our MFCP locations, we make hose assemblies while you wait. We know that your time is just as important as your money, so we do what we can to get you in and get you out as fast as possible.

We are hydraulic hose specialists, and offer tons of hose options, like Parker Globalcore, but also series like 421TC (features larger diameters) and industrial hydraulic hose (like chemical, air, and water hose). We also have Parflex, to keep your hoses protected in the harshest environments.

Meet Aaron Quitberg, Smithfield Branch Manager

Aaron is the branch manager at our MFCP Smithfield location, and a Utah State grad. Find out more about Aaron below!

Number of years at the company: 3 years. I previously spent a little time at a bushplane factory in Wyoming.

Favorite part of working in Utah: A lot of diversity and opportunity. The colleges bring in a lot of good stuff. It’s such a good area to raise a family; I have a 3-year old son and 1-year old daughter.

Product or service you like so much you would be the spokesperson: Airguns are a hobby of mine, and I have a Benjamin Murader air gun that I’m working on taking to extreme long range.