STIHL Chainsaws: Tough Tools for Alaska

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Did you know Motion and Flow Control Products offers a comprehensive line of STIHL chainsaws and other STIHL products in Alaska?

Homeowners and professionals alike need products they can count on. That’s why our teams in Fairbanks and Anchorage make sure you have access to the highest quality chainsaws like the STIHL MS 170 and the STIHL MS 250.

These STIHL chainsaws are light weight and come at a great price which makes them perfect for just about anyone!

Motion and Flow Control Products

At MFCP we understand how busy life can get and frankly, you just don’t have the time to test out and search for the best parts and equipment. That’s what we’re for.

Since 1960 MFCP has worked hard to put our customers first and make sure they are getting the best quality services and equipment at the best possible price. STIHL products are no different.

Which STIHL Chainsaw Is Right For You

You can’t go wrong when choosing a STIHL product, but we know not every job and project is created equal. That’s why STIHL offers variations of their chainsaw design to make sure you are getting the help you need. Whether you’re urban or rural, a professional or amateur, there’s a saw for you.


  • Light weight
  • Great for homeowners
  • Made to cut through small limbs and trees
  • Excellent price point


  • Perfect for those at-home jobs of trimming trees and cutting firewood
  • Great power-to-weight ratio gives you more power with less struggle
  • Great price
  • Winter/Summer Shutter allows the MS 250 to work great all year around

Design Features You’ll Find On All STIHL Chainsaws

  • Anti vibration system – this feature helps reduce user fatigue.
  • Master control lever – this single operating lever allows you to easily control the choke, starting throttle lock, and the on/off switch.
  • Spark arrester muffler – this muffler has baffles that reduces the noise as well as a screen that cuts down on spark emission.
  • Transparent fuel tank – this clever feature makes it easy to know when you are running low on fuel.

Other STIHL Products

While the STIHL gas powered chainsaw line is amazing that’s not all they do. Their line of battery powered products is sure to impress even the toughest customer. The battery products line offers three different levels of performance ensuring you’ll get the best solution for your needs each and every time.

A1 Series

The products in the A1 series are designed for convenience and efficiency. This series features an integrated battery that ensures enough runtime to handle all your household jobs on just one charge.

AK Series

This series feature lightweight and powerful products that are priced to please. The value-packed AK series includes everything you need to get started on all those home projects.

AP Series

Do you want the power of gasoline but the convenience of battery power? Then the AP series is the one for you. These products give you the power of professional grade tools and their superior batteries gives you great runtime as well.

MFCP is dedicated to making sure that our customers have the quality tools they need. Our expert technicians are always standing by to make sure you have all the help you need. Visit one of our Alaska STIHL saw shops today.