No More Back-Breaking Work: Introducing the STIHL Cutquik Cart

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s a whole day of concrete cutting ahead of you. Pulling out your trusty, STIHL concrete saw is the first step. By midday, however, you’re already exhausted. Hauling around a 20-pound-plus tool is a chore itself. If you’re in Alaska, think about adding a cart to your arsenal of handy tools. It will serve you well.

Weight off the Back

Your STIHL saw may have a lot of cutting power, but much of that energy comes from a large and heavy motor. Cutting concrete on a massive project forces you to hold 20 or more pounds throughout a given day. You need a STIHL concrete saw cart.

Roll the saw around on sealed bearing wheels. This accessory frees up your back so that you can stand tall and work longer. Your precision may improve as well. Paying attention to an aching back takes away the focus that’s meant for the concrete cut. If you plan on using the saw on a regular basis, holding its weight just isn’t logical.

Ergonomic Shape

With one glance at this STIHL concrete saw cart, you know right away that it’s meant for hardcore use. The sweeping curve of the cart meets at the top where your hands easily grasp onto the black handles. Mount your saw to the cart, and you’ll feel its weight rocked to the front side of the accessory.

A forward-weight orientation helps you in several ways, such as:

  • Allowing the machine to perform the forward motion
  • Taking strain off of your arm muscles
  • Holding tightly to your cutting line

This cart supports six different models, including the STIHL concrete saw TS420, so versatility with the ergonomic shape gives this accessory its functional edge.

Protection Against Dust

The National Institutes of Health report that dust created during concrete cutting can lead to serious ailments. Your cart contributes to a safe working environment. For example, a water tank resides just below your fingertips. Activate the water flow when you need to calm the dusty conditions.

Look underneath the mounted STIHL concrete saw TS420, and you’ll find a huge deflector. Most of the dust generated at the ground level will be blocked from the operator’s location. Although you should still wear respiratory gear during extensive projects, the cart’s safety accessories make it a helpful tool on the job site.

The Straight Line

Diamond blades are a must when you want to cut accurately through concrete, states the Family Handyman. However, you need to be able to control that blade as it slides through the concrete like butter.

Add your STIHL concrete saw to the cart, and a perfectly linear line is the result. The forward weight drives the tool forward as you set your eyes on the line ahead. Outfit the cart even further with a guide wheel. It helps you find that straight line in even the toughest conditions.

Fold and Go

A concern among many professionals is storage and mobility when it comes to their tools. This cart doesn’t become a bulky frustration when you detach the saw. The cart folds up, which makes it perfect for those field applications.

It’s lightweight too, so it doesn’t add a lot of weight to a truck that’s already overloaded with critical tools. In reality, the only bulk that this cart holds is the saw itself. The cart has a well-built frame that can be unfolded in seconds when the job calls for it.

If you want to know more, all it takes is a few seconds to reach out to our team in Alaska.