Cutting Power During Winter: Your Solution With STIHL Chainsaws

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Your property’s landscaping grew like weeds over the summer. The fall is a great time for clearing away the overgrowth, but you just don’t have the tools. Head out to our Alaska store to see for yourself how a STIHL chainsaw solves your cutting dilemmas.

What Makes STIHL Stand Out?

Picking a STIHL chainsaw above the others on the market means that you’re looking for value and quality. Easy-grip handles, Quickstop mechanisms and other features are the hallmark of STIHL’s models. The saw chain is even made by STIHL so that it complements the surrounding parts.

With one look at any STIHL power tool, you see that thought went into every detail. A smooth, outside housing is standard, which prevents the tool from catching on any clothes or small branches. Safety is a priority at STIHL. An ergonomic shape and hand protection are always part of the STIHL design too. You should be able to pick up an MS170 or MS250 and feel the quality between your fingers.


When you need a lightweight chainsaw in your hands, turn to the STIHL MS170 model.

  • It hovers around nine pounds so that you can cut through thin- to medium-sized branches
  • This model works well for almost any adult in the family.
  • The engine has an anti-vibration feature, which provides comfort during your cutting tasks.

There’s practically a worry-free engine as the specialized carburetor figures out fuel-to-air ratios on the fly. STIHL’s lubrication system is particularly helpful for Alaskan residents because the chain will always operate under even the harshest conditions. For a power tool used around the home, the MS170 delivers with reliable operation.


When you need a little bit more power in your hands, the STIHL MS250 is at your service.

  • Weighing in at around 11 pounds, this chainsaw is perfect for cutting wood destined for the fireplace.
  • Other machines might be powered by electricity or batteries, but the MS250 relies on gasoline.
  • The fuel drives the chain into your wood so that you have a clean cut every time.

Enjoy the ease of using the MS250 with an enlarged, rear hand guard and translucent fuel tank. It’s the small details that make the chainsaw a pleasure to use each day. When it comes to Alaskan living, chopping and trimming wood is a regular occurrence.

Dealing With the Weather

It’s downright cold in Alaska as winter sets in. Using your STIHL MS170 or MS250 may be necessary, however. Employ a few tips from the professionals as you cut up that cold branch that just fell to the ground.

Keep the chainsaw in an environment where the temperature doesn’t change too rapidly. Condensation within the fuel compartment will be a problem otherwise. Sharpen the chain before any job, and keep spare parts handy in case of any failures. STIHL products are tough, but mother nature can be hard on aging metal. Think about thinning the oil’s viscosity too. The cold weather will force the liquid to coagulate at a certain point.

Adding to Your Collection

You may be sold on the STIHL chainsaw, but there are other tools that can enhance your property’s appearance. This brand carries several different machines, such as:

  • Edgers
  • Pressure washers
  • Augers

A tool that complements your chainsaw is the blower. STIHL blowers are easy to handle while remaining powerful enough to move around the toughest debris. Finish up your tree pruning, collect the branches and use STIHL blowers to carefully clear away the smaller particles.

Your yard is left with a pristine appearance. Use the blower during the warmer months of the year – we even know folks who use their blower to move snow.

If you still have questions about your STIHL products, contact our team in Alaska today. Don’t get caught in the storm without a solid tool by your side. STIHL remains reliable many years after your purchase.