Tips for Choosing the Proper Marine Hose

Reading Time: 3 minutes

A number of fluids run through a given marine vessel, from freshwater to hydraulic fluid. You depend on these hydraulic hoses to remain tough and damage free during your water excursions. When you’re updating any parts on your boat, think about the best marine hoses that can support your investment. Selecting the right one takes some understanding of its design and details.

Take a Look at Construction First

The Boat Owners Association of the United States makes a good point about marine and hydraulic hoses. You can’t just use one type of hose for every system on your vessel.

Ideally, replace any hydraulic marine hose with a model that has similar construction specifications. Look for these details, including:

  • Burst strength
  • Reinforcement type

Burst strength is indicated with a PSI or pressure-per-square-inch designation. A higher number and smaller width tell you that a hose has a strong burst strength.

The reinforcement along the hose’s length can be made from these materials:

  • PVC or vinyl helix
  • Yarn spiral
  • Wire

These reinforcements have their attributes and drawbacks, based on your given application.

Select the Hose Based on Application, Too

You may have the strongest marine hose in your opinion, but it can have issues if it’s added to the wrong system. Think about where you need hoses on your vessel. Various applications are possible, such as:

  • Bilge pumps
  • Raw-water movement
  • Sanitation
  • Drainage

At MFCP, we can suggest a hose based on your application. You might need flexibility in one area, but a stiffer hose serves another section at the same time. Verify each hose purchase with your application. It will last longer when it’s in the proper location.

Look at Orientation and Diameter

Take a look at where most of your hoses are located on the vessel, and it may look like a jungle of connections. The hose’s orientation or bending ability is a major consideration. Be sure to choose a hose that can bend as necessary in the confines of the boat. Pinching it is not an option.

Don’t overlook the importance of diameter either. The steering hose must perfectly connect to a fitting within its system or else it will leak or breakdown, for instance.

Consider Potable-Water Needs

FDA-approved hoses are a must for potable-water needs. These hoses are contaminant-free products for drinking purposes. If you aren’t sure about a particular hose, verify its construction first. No other hose can work in this application. You will taste the difference between hoses.

You may want to remove and clean these hoses on a regular basis too. Mineral buildup can be removed. The hose gains more life with diligent maintenance.

Explore Hydraulic Needs

The hydraulic marine hose is closely associated with a vessel’s steering system. As you move the vessel through the water, the steering control must be as sensitive as possible. Turning on a dime can be done with today’s hydraulic hose technology.

Its specifications are particular but relatively simple. Hydraulic hoses must have these features, including:

  • Low-volume expansion capabilities
  • Kink resistance
  • Saltwater resistance

When a hydraulic hose has these features, leaks and major breakdowns aren’t commonplace. Keeping up with steering and other functions remains seamless as a result.

Clamp the System

Hose failure can be a real issue if you don’t pair your quality hoses with the proper clamps. Select stainless-steel clamps for nearly any hose application. The hose ends fittings can easily connect to your system without any leaks.

Be aware if your system has high pressure or vibrations that challenge everyday clamps. There are some alternatives in the marketplace. Many companies, however, turn to double clamping as a way to ensure stability. Every hose and connection must create a closed system in the end.

Each marine hose update can mean the difference between long-lasting days on the water and rapid breakdowns. Keep your vessel running like clockwork with hoses from MFCP’s quality stock!