Vancouver, WA: Full Service Solutions

Between our Vancouver branch manager and assistant branch manager, there’s 70 years of industry experience. That’s a big reason our Vancouver location is known for, well, everything.

Parker Store Vancouver

Hydraulics are here. Instrumentation products are here. Valves, lubricators, filters, hose assemblies are all here. And since 2005, MFCP has been delivering unbeatable products and outstanding customer service in Vancouver (including hot dog Fridays).

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Vancouver Parker Products: More ways to help

When we opened our Parker Store in Vancouver, we did it with the goal of being a one-stop shop where you always knew you’d be taken care of. More than a decade later, our goal hasn’t changed – but, we are continually adding to our depth of knowledge and depth of product lines.

For hydraulics, you can expect to find Parker industrial and mobile cylinders, pumps, power units, industrial valving and accumulators.

warehouse workers in parker store

For instrumentation, you can expect to find ultra purity valves and regulators, like Parker’s Veriflow line and Parker Partek. Plus products like:

  • pure air tubing
  • PTFE tubing
  • PTFE fittings
  • stainless steel instrumentation fittings

Automation is a space that’s getting more technical by the day, which is why we support our clients with products like Parker pneumatic cylinders, valves, filters, and lubricators. We can also help with pneumatic logic systems, and even medical and government jobs where sensitivity (i.e. Lasik lasers) or power (i.e. military lasers) are key.

Each business, each job is unique. So is our expertise. Get the help you need in Vancouver today.

At your service, literally.

Hose assemblies are our bread and butter, and we make them while you wait. Your time is important to you – and that makes it important to us. Our team also specializes in tube assemblies, kitting, and can even delivers for free in the local Vancouver area.

high pressure hydraulic hoses

In our area, all you have to do is take a drive and you’ll see how much construction surrounds us. The construction happening requires a lot of our expertise – from supplying concrete hose to building power units for oil field systems or bailing hay systems.

The bottom line – whatever application, whatever you’re moving or making, we have you covered. Call our team, or request a quote today

Your Vancouver MFCP team

Larry Birkholz, Branch Manager, has been with MFCP for 13 years, and besides making a mean chili, knows what it takes to support business in Vancouver.

Branch manager Larry Birkholtz
MFCP Vancouver branch manager Larry Birkholtz shows off his Keen shoes

What’s your favorite part of working in Vancouver? The people, and the quality of the community.

If you were give a roundtrip plane ticket right now, which destination would you choose? Italy – not just for the food, but for the history of it. To see the coliseum would be amazing; I’m a big history fan.

Do you have an MFCP memory that stands out? I think probably back to 2009 when we realized that were were becoming more than a vendor to our customers here in Vancouver – we were really becoming a member of their team. We don’t want to just be a supplier – we’re in it for the long haul. It was a real turning point.

Is there a product of service you love so much, you’d happily be that company’s spokesperson? KEEN shoes. They have an OSHA-approved safety toe! My feet are so happy being in these.

Big controversial question: is hot dog considered a sandwich? It doesn’t matter – a rose by any other name is still a rose.