VMI with MFCP: When your inventory talks, we listen.

Vendor Managed Inventory means less work for you, and better cash flow. MFCP is an expert at inventory control and uses innovative technology to do it. By trusting MFCP with your inventory, you get back countless man-hours, can save warehouse space, and get better, real-time stock level reporting.

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Smart Bin technology: keep lines up and running

SmartBin shelvesYou have to stay productive, bottom line. Not having the right parts (or the right amount) means not meeting your goals. MFCP partners with Apex and its Smart Bin technology to make sure you always do.

Each Smart Bin automatically detects the restock levels and sends real-time replenishment alerts. No more reaching into an empty bin, no more manual counting, no more stoppages in production.

This innovative type of vendor managed inventory also features:

Flexible configurations: you choose the bin sizes, the shelf products sit on — it’s customizable to what you need, from large deployments to assembly cells.

Hassle-free replenishment: restock in pre-determined quantities, boxes, Kanban lots, or full packages.

Smarter planning. Use tools to view your production usage trends, patterns in consumption, and more.

We know that some parts are small and can be tough to grab out of the bins. The Smart Bins are ergonomically designed – and available in single-wide and double-wide sizes – which makes it easier to scoop up small parts (or oddly shaped items).

When it comes to supply chain management, let us (and technology) help. Get rid of tags. Forget flags. Instead, get proactive restocking, reorder alerts, and better cash flow. All with MFCP!

Control your inventory better by doing less

Our goal is to make your job easier. We offer Vendor Managed Inventory because, at MFCP, we know products, and we know customer service. VMI is a combination of the two and highlights what we do best.

From Kent, Washington down to Hillsboro, Oregon, over to Denver, Colorado, and all over the western U.S. (including Alaska), we can eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks, while giving you better visibility into your productivity and product consumption. The more products we manage, the less you have to.

General assortments, inventory starter packs – you don’t need general, you need specific. We’ll come out and provide an equipment/plant survey and customize your bins to fit your business needs. Plus, MFCP offers just-in-time deliveries (JIT) – which means you can reduce your carrying costs.

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