What You Need to Know About Parker Hannifin’s O-Rings

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Right now, probably millions of o-rings are currently in use. These parts are in countless devices and machines. It doesn’t matter where you live or work. O-rings allow seals to remain viable against leaks for years at a time. At Motion & Flow Control Products, we partner with one of the top manufacturers of o-rings today. Shine a spotlight on Parker Hannifin and their high-quality o-rings. You’ll never want another brand ever again.

Standardized for Your Convenience

Thanks to the organization between industries, many o-rings are standardized in size. If you need to replace one, a simple order should fix those Parker hydraulics. The o-ring’s size is determined with these measurements, including:

  • Cross-section diameter
  • Inside diameter

Parker Hannifin has been in the o-ring business for a century. They practically wrote the book on the standardized o-ring. Pull up their laundry list of o-rings in order to pick the right size.

The parts normally come in standard black, but there are some exceptions. It’s not difficult to find green, brown or red. Parker tries to keep up with versatile stock that applies to almost any industry.

Custom-Made Brilliance

At times, you require o ring sizes that are unique to the items being serviced at your facility. Parker understands that standard doesn’t always make the cut. Almost every o-ring sold by Parker can be altered to your dimensions.

Consider these custom features, such as:

  • Spliced cord
  • Miniature versions
  • Continuously molded

Customized parts simply require an order and accurate measurements. If you have Parker hydraulics, any o-rings within these assemblies won’t be customized; they’re considered standard by Parker.

Working With the System

The reason why your standard o ring must be perfectly matched with the system is fit concerns, reports Hydrualics & Pneumatics. Parker checks and rechecks each o-ring shipment so that any defects are always caught beforehand.

Without perfectly aligned o-rings, your system will surely fail with leaks into every crevice. Parker offers the dimensions on each o-ring so that you know what to expect. If you don’t see the exact specification that’s required for your application, ask us about the details. We can always find the right part for your needs.

Compatibility Concerns

Not all o-rings are built the same. You might be thrilled with a silicone o-ring, but it may not be compatible with your application. What if a gas or liquid penetrates the o-ring’s material?

Look for parts that are compatible with your needs, such as:

  • Hydrogenated nitrile for gas and oil
  • Fluorocarbon for fuel and hydraulic oil
  • Ethylene propylene rubber for solvents

Take a look at your Parker fittings. Think about what they do each day. Your o-ring must be resilient enough to fit within the fitting while fighting off decay from liquid or gas exposure.

Our team can help you with compatibility issues so that you’re never guessing on a product.

Certifications Available

Parker’s o-rings are designed to work in the strictest of locations, from government facilities to construction sites. Certifications for the parts are possible because Parker conforms to many industrial standards, including:

  • DVGW
  • FDA
  • UL

Quality counts when you’re installing an o-ring with Parker fittings. The o-ring’s packaging should state which certifications apply to the part. These certifications protect your bottom line and the consumers’ perspective of the products. Whether you’re selling a product or service, a failed o-ring will always make the headlines.

Special Requests

A specialized temperature range, hardness factor or internal lubrication are just a few of the special requests that Parker can fulfill. Simply provide your application to our team member. There’s almost nothing that can’t be customized at Parker’s facility.

MFCP carries industrial products that range from inventory control to the standard o ring. Let our stock surprise you with o-rings perfectly designed for your application. Request yours today