Williston: The One-Stop Shop You Need

In Williston, we’re more than a Parker Store.

We do hose repairs while you wait, and most importantly, we are a remanufacture shop that can rebuild products and equipment to manufacturer standards.

williston parker with flags

As a Parker Store and a remanufacturing facility, we rebuild pumps and motors, install wet kits – and do all the warranty work required. We also handle a lot of rebuilds on blowers for sand haulers and pneumatic trailers (and we can rebuild tri-plex and other’s just give them a chance).

Reach out to our team today and get the help you need.

Plus, get a one-year warranty on all our work!

We currently provide a year warranty on all our work. MFCP Williston is a warranty facility for Challenger, so we have a ton of experience with Vac pump repair.

Products to keep you up and running

We stock Parker Transair, one of the most versatile air products you could need. Our Williston Parker Store also stocks pneumatic and hydraulic valves, plus tons of seals are in stock for building oil equipment. We have product managers, and engineer’s that can help solve your problems.

Along with our classic Parker Store products, like Autoclave, A-loc, or CPI, we can also bend and flare tubing at our shop (great for our folks needing instrumentation help).

We’re also the go-to PECO distributor for all Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Our products are great for providing service for gas plants and refineries.

Exclusively in Williston – Chelsea PTO. In Williston, we’re one of your Chelsea PTO distributors, selling pumps and motors. Get a quote for yours today!

Services you won’t find anywhere else

It’s not enough sometimes just to repair or remanufacture. To keep up with codes, guidelines and regulations, we can do all the pressure testing you need. We also recertify hoses up to 25k, and can crimp up to 10 inch hose!

Not only can we crimp hose (and of course take walk-in hose repairs), but we also can place a crimper at your shop, business, mobile truck or job site. It’s easy, cost-effective, and can save you tons of time.

Another big time saver is Vendor Managed Inventory. We place inventory in your warehouse, job site or store, so you never have to slow down production by running out of parts. You’re more productive by simply letting us take care of your inventory. We set it up, watch it, and restock it as needed. See how we do it.

Meet your branch manager: Joe Crabtree

Joe, how long have you been with MFCP? Six years; prior to that I was at MD Hose. Prior to that, I actually worked in the oil field running equipment, building locations (location paths, line locations etc.) and roads.

What do you like about working in the Williston area? I’m originally from the Flathead and have live in Sidney Montana for about 16 years. There are a lot of nice people, and good hunting and fishing. There’s beauty here you wouldn’t normally see in an oil field town. That’s what’s built this area – the oil. The infrastructure has grown a lot the last several years.